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Reporting & Analytics

From implementing and configuring Google Analytics to building custom analytics solutions, we provide in-depth reporting that offers a complete picture of how your website is performing, and present actionable and meaningful insights so can you better understand your online performance and make informed decisions on your digital strategy.

What we do

Google Analytics

Certified in Google Analytics, we will ensure your Analytics account is set up to accurately report on the metrics that are important to your business. With Google Analytics, you can gain insights into how your website visitors are interacting with your website, uncover customer demographic and behavioural data, and identify common patterns and trends amongst your users.

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows us to easily and efficiently implement snippets of code and collect data from third party tools, such as Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel, to gain insights into user behaviour. With GTM we can easily set up event and goal tracking, remarketing tags, and e-commerce tracking.

Goal & KPI Tracking

Keeping your business objectives in mind, we identify which website actions are valuable to your business and set up the right tracking to gain insights into how these are performing. We track a wide range of actions and goals, including lead forms, phone calls, newsletter signups, account creations, sales, downloads and much more.

Custom Reporting

Whatever your reporting needs, we are able to deliver bespoke reports to present the results of your campaigns and marketing efforts. We build reports to show clear and actionable insights into how your different campaigns are performing and which channels are bringing in the most value for your business.

Attribution Reporting

Attribution modelling and reporting is essential to understand the multiple channels a user finds your website through before they convert. By knowing which channels are contributing to your business goals, we can effectively re-invest time and money into the channels that deliver results.

User Behaviour

Using a range of tracking tools, we analyse how customers interact with your website and gain valuable insights into their needs, behaviours, and decision-making process. Based on this analysis, we deliver recommendations to improve the customer journey and path to conversion, resulting in more conversions for your business.