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Google Analytics Management

Certified in Google Analytics, we will ensure your Analytics account is set up to accurately report on the metrics that are important to your business. With Google Analytics, you can gain insights into how your website visitors are interacting with your website, uncover customer demographic and behavioural data, and identify common patterns and trends amongst your users with Google Analytics.

Using data uncovered in Google Analytics, we create data-driven and actionable strategies for our clients which improve their website performance, increase conversion rates, and enhance user experience.

What we do

Account Audit

We start by auditing your existing Google Analytics account to ensure your account is configured correctly and captures the data that is valuable to your business. We will search for and fix any mistakes we find in your implementation, such as unlinked AdWords accounts, tracking code issues, untagged marketing campaigns, and missing or broken goals.

Goal Tracking

We listen to your business objectives and turn these into meaningful and trackable goals in your analytics account. Being able to track website metrics, such as leads, trial sign-ups, and account creations, is essential to understand how much your website and marketing campaigns are performing.

Event Tracking

Event Tracking allows us to better understand how your users are interacting with your website and what actions they take, such as video views, button clicks, file downloads, and much more. By implementing small pieces of code, we can collect valuable data that isn’t available with standard Google Analytics tracking.

Custom Dimensions

Custom dimensions are a powerful way to gain deeper insights into your users and website content by recording additional, non-standard data in Google Analytics. We will set up custom dimensions that track the performance of elements that matter to your business, such as tracking the actions of logged in users, or identifying the most popular author of your blog.

Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced ecommerce allows us to measure customer behaviour at every stage of the buyer journey. We can track a wide variety of events and actions including product impressions, add to carts, and revenue metrics. Using this data, we can provide deeper insights into how users are engaging with your website and deliver in-depth sales and product performance reports.

Reporting & Analysis

A wealth of data is available in Google Analytics and creating meaningful and valuable reports is often time consuming for many businesses. We take the time to create clear and concise reports that filter out any irrelevant data, and only display useful metrics that provide actionable insights unique to key stakeholders.