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Facebook Advertising Management

With over 1 billion daily active users and an array of targeting options, Facebook Advertising is an extremely powerful platform that allows businesses to promote their products and services to both broad and highly specific audiences.

Providing a full range of services, from audience research and targeting to advert creation, we have the knowledge and experience to take your Facebook advertising to the next level.


    Benefits of Facebook advertising:

    • Powerful audience targeting
    • Reach both broad and niche markets
    • Customer engagement and feedback
    • Re-engage with past website visitors

    Pixel Setup

    We will verify that your Facebook Pixel is correctly installed and tracking data accurately. If you are starting from scratch, we will set up and install the Facebook Pixel on your website and create event codes to track specific actions that reflect your campaign goals, such as subscriptions, ecommerce transactions, and custom events.

    Account Audit

    If you already advertise through Facebook, we will audit your account to identify quick-win opportunities, determine areas that are negatively impacting performance, and provide a long-term plan for ongoing growth.

    Audience Research

    Using a range of tools, we discover more about your website visitors and create custom audiences that are proven to be valuable to your business. Facebook offers an array of powerful targeting options and we will create specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, behaviours, and previous interactions with your business or website.

    Advert Creation

    Choosing the right advert type is essential to the success of a campaign, we will work with you to create high-quality and engaging video, image, carousel, or shopping adverts that accurately represent your business, reflect your campaign objectives, and resonate with your target audience.

    Campaign Management

    We manage your campaigns from start to finish and communicate with you every step of the way. We will set up the right bidding strategy, targeting methods, audiences, advert copy, creatives, event tracking, and campaign tagging to ensure your campaigns run smoothly and deliver results.


    We continually test and optimise your campaigns to lower your costs whilst maximising conversions. By creating campaign experiments to test which creatives, audience types, and targeting options deliver the best results, we can focus your budget on campaigns that bring the most value to your business.

    Reporting & Analytics

    We provide regular reports that offer a complete picture of how your Facebook Advertising campaigns are performing. In our reports, we deliver actionable and meaningful insights, high priority metrics, and a strategy on how we will continue to grow and improve campaign performance.