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Email Marketing

Email marketing provides an opportunity to reach out to people you know are interested in your business, boost conversions, and improve customer retention rates.

Working with your business goals in mind, we deliver compelling and highly targeted email marketing campaigns that reflect your branding, strengthen your marketing efforts, and drive results.



    • High ROI
    • Boost customer loyalty and engagement
    • Win back lapsed customers
    • Enhance brand recognition

    What we do

    Email List Growth

    Email lists are an essential part of any email marketing campaign. Using a range of techniques, from promoting lead gen forms on social media, to including a sign-up option on your blog, we work with you to build a growing and valuable database of contacts that will respond positively to your marketing campaigns.

    Audience Groups

    Each user is different, whilst some may appreciate regular updates about your products, others may only want to know about the latest offers or new blog content. We place your users into groups based on their interests, website engagement, or the frequency at which they’d like to receive your emails.


    We will create an email template that is designed to accurately represent your branding, communicate effectively with your audience, and encourage user engagement. All our email templates we create are responsive, meaning they are optimised to look and work great no matter the device you open them on.

    Landing Page Optimisation

    A specific landing page that has a prominent focus on the goal of your email campaign can boost conversion rates. We will work with you to ensure that the style and message of the email is continued on the landing page and with a clear and relevant CTA. Adopting this streamlined approach makes it easier for the user to take the desired action.


    Automation gives you the opportunity to easily reach out to your users and improve retention, increase long-term value, and promote lasting relationships. We will work with you to set up automatic emails that are relevant to your business objectives, from welcoming your new subscribers to re-engaging with lapsed customers.


    We will review your analytics and available data to determine the pace, time and day that you should be sending your emails to achieve optimal results. By reviewing your performance data, we analyse how different times and days can impact engagement and conversion rates and then use this information to further optimise your campaigns.


    Understanding and identifying what content and media yields the most conversions is essential to the success of a long-term email marketing strategy. We deliver A/B and multivariate testing to analyse which factors work best and ensure your campaign performance keeps improving.


    We will keep you regularly updated on how your email marketing campaigns are performing, providing clear and actionable performance metrics such as open rates, click through rates, and conversions. We will review and analyse your reporting data to create a strategy that will continually improve these metrics.