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Ecommerce CRO Audit

Our ecommerce CRO audit analyses up to 600 elements on your website to determine how and where we can make improvements to increase your conversion rates.

We analyse the complete user journey on your ecommerce website, starting on the homepage, through to the product pages and checkout completion, and we also analyse post-sale elements, such as the order tracking and returns.

Benefits of an ecommerce CRO audit:

  • Full website review and analysis of both your desktop and mobile website

  • In-depth report detailing proposed solutions

  • Prioritised recommendations

What your report will include

Homepage & Category Navigation

From personalising your homepage to improving the category structure, we will audit your homepage and navigation and deliver solutions that will increase the likelihood of conversions.

On-Site Search

On-site search is an essential part of any ecommerce website, allowing users to quickly find what they are searching for. We will provide recommendations for a range of elements, including search logic and how to display the search results.

Category Pages

We will audit your category pages and deliver solutions that enhance the product browsing experience, with recommendations on how to handle filters, what product information to display, and how best to load products.

Product Pages

Your product pages are the most important pages on your ecommerce website. We will audit your product pages and ensure that they offer the best experience possible, from product images to user reviews.

Cart & Checkout

The average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%. We will audit your checkout funnel and identify any potential barriers or interruptions that are causing your users to abandon their purchase.

Mobile Experience

Mobile traffic is responsible for 50% of website traffic and is constantly increasing. However, users are less likely to convert on mobile than on desktop. We will audit the entire mobile experience on your ecommerce website, including homepage, product pages, and checkout process.

Post-Sale Process

Your post-sale experience is vital for encouraging repeat customers and we will audit the full process and provide recommendations on several elements, including order confirmation email, order tracking, and user account dashboards.

Additional CRO Services

A/B Testing

Using A/B and multivariate testing, we will test various elements on your website, such as design, copy, media, and navigation, and identify the most effective version to serve to your audience and continually improve your KPIs, conversion rates, and user experience.

Heatmap Analysis

We use industry-leading software to visually represent how users are engaging with your website. By analysing this data, we are able to make decisions based on accurate data and provide recommendations to improve conversion rates.

Visitor Recordings

Recording user sessions on your website allows us to eliminate guesswork by actually viewing how your users interact with your website. By watching recordings of real users as they navigate through your website, we can identify any usability issues that are preventing your website visitors from completing a conversion.